I'm an everyday early morning spinner and absolutely love it. What spinning does for me both mentally and physically compares to nothing else (except of course my Grandbabies)! That's how great it makes me feel. The owners are awesome and you are made to feel like you fit in right from the start. Whether you are a "newbie" or have been spinning for years come try Recycle Fitness out!! I'm a front row gal who loves her "spinner family."     

Chris Beck

ReCycle Fitness is nothing short of amazing. From the instructors to the owners and the other riders, it's a wonderful place.  It doesn't matter how old you are or what shape you are in, everyone cheers everyone else on.  If you want to burn calories in a non-judgmental environment, ReCycle Fitness is for you.        

Susan A. Heierman

My husband and I spin together.  It keeps us accountable.  We love the variety of classes/ times, and also the consistency in quality of instructors.          

Cary & Sue Moschino

I have been coming to recycle for just over a year and it truly is a wonderful place! Kristin and Jessica have allowed exercise become enjoyable and interactive! They make recycle feel like home for me! They have changed my life by improving my health, motivation and determination. I  Never leave recycle feeling disappointed!           

Erin Hennings 

My name is Lisa, I joined RECYCLE at their inception, so glad that I did!!  I am an early morning rider averaging 3 classes a week consistently for over a year now.  Spinning is joint friendly and injury free for me!  Recycle has SUPERIOR bikes by far, I have been to many spinning studios in and out of town RECYCLE Fitness bikes are the most comfortable and accurate as far as calorie burn, distance, RPM etc.  Spinning is an awesome workout for any fitness level, you really can go at your own pace, however, having GREAT Instructors as Recycle does it really helps you to PUSH yourself and achieve higher caloric burn as well as increase your endurance giving you an overall better health benefit!!

Lisa Rapanotti 

I think the ReCYCLE Fitness website is amazing!!  I love the fact that I can see what classes are available and which seem to be filling up quickly so that I can schedule my workouts easily.  The website is easy to access and navigate,  it gives much more information than just class schedules.  I also like how the owners and staff are open and willing to adjust schedules, and  add or change classes to meet their clients needs.  I've had nothing but a great experience at ReCycle.  
Laura Berishaj

​ReCYCLE Fitness offers a variety of classes at convenient times throughout the day - from early morning, to mid-morning, to early evening - to fit any schedule!  The atmosphere is relaxed and the workout is whatever YOU choose to make it - follow along with the experienced trainers or ride at your own pace!  Give it a try and be on your way to feeling great!
Debi D

I joined Recycle Fitness over a year ago and I have not regretted that decision.  I am at the time in my life when certain exercises do more harm than good.  I have arthritis in my knees and back so I needed to find something less strenuous on them but also have a worthwhile workout.   Cycling at Recycle Fitness has afforded me the benefit of exercising without all the aches and pains afterwards.  One of the things I most like about Recycle is the fact that your ride is just that "your ride".  There is no pressure, no intimidation, no feeling guilty if you are not able to ride as fast or as hard as someone else.  They will give you a range to strive for knowing that everyone rides at a different pace.  The staff have been wonderful to me.  They are always welcoming and friendly,  which ultimately keeps me coming back. 
Shari Quinlan

I start every day ofthe work week with Recycle Fitness! I have always enjoyed working out, but after I had kids, I didn’t have time to go to the gym anymore.  I started working out at home before work, but I never felt like I got a good enough work out.  At Recycle Fitness, I get an amazing workout in one hour.  I would have to workout at home for at least 3 hours to get the benefits I get from Recycle Fitness!  The instructors keep you motivated with great music and various routines.  The packages they offer give you flexibility to go to either location and whatever class you like without a contract.  I love Recycle Fitness!

Sarah Maurer